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Although today the electric vehicle market is incipient and its volume is low, it must be taken into account that it has a very clear and assured future towards sustainable mobility, a situation that does not exist in many sectors.

A clear signal has been given by the industry and the countries that have set a time limit on the use of vehicles powered by fossil fuels in a very short term (2030/2040), at which time only electric vehicles will be marketed.


One of the roadblocks for the expansion of electric vehicles around the world is, among other factors, the lack of charging infrastructure. DUKA seeks to expand the network for electric cars through charging stations with advertisements that will amortize the cost of electricity for the user, and will be offered free of charge.

DUKA is available for parking lots, Gas Stations, Shopping Centers, Airports, Companies, Industrial Parks, Health Centers, Hotels, etc. That is to say, in all those places where the vehicle must remain for a period of time and can be refueled.

Advantages for Owners

A very efficient business formula allows site owners to offer a service to their customers with electric cars, to brands related to their activity, reaching high value audiences, while highlighting their commitment to the environment and demonstrating their vision for the future.

Charging stations of this type, being free of charge, are perceived by the customer as an essential service offered by Municipalities, or first class Commercial, Service and Industrial Centers.

Advantages for Advertisers


DUKA Totems are located in parking areas with high traffic of people and cars, which will allow participating brands to reach many people per day with their message.


And not only offer the possibility to advertise products or services, brands will reward those who refuel their electric car by offering free service and thus accompanying the commitment of both with sustainable mobility and environmental protection.





Among the services offered to owners and advertisers to get these stations up and running are: Totem manufacturing, Installation and maintenance of the recharging point. Also, administration of the consumption, the communication plan, and negotiation with advertisers and partners. In one word, all the necessary management in a single company.

Through these charging solutions, it will be possible, in short time, to attract more visitors who will spend more time not only to receive "commercial" services but also for their means of transportation.


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