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The perfect solution for Gas Stations during the transition period towards EV

DUKA LOUNGE is a new model of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles with a space offered by companies, institutions or brands to their customers .

A quiet and connected place where those who come to refuel their car can relax or work, with snacks and drinks to enjoy, as well as other services that will help them feel comfortable.

Identified by consumers as a prestigious brand, your company is widely recognized and  perceived value. Attracting and keeping your preferred customers requires special treatment that really makes a difference.

This is exactly what DUKA LOUNGE offers you.

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DUKA LOUNGE  will be located close to Gas Stations, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, etc. serving as the perfect solution to their customer user that can take advantage of the time spent in these places by refueling their car with electrons.

Those who refuel at DUKA Lounge will feel comfortable and enjoying complementary snacks and drinks, offered by their brand.

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With super-fast wireless internet connectivity, it will be easier to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

In addition, in this space customers' devices can be charged to ensure that they have enough battery, such as their car, to continue their journey.

Through your company's mobile applications you can communicate to your customers when charging at DUKA Lounge offering a space to relax and renew while their car is charging before continuing the day or trip.


If you want to participate in DUKA LOUNGE 

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