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DUKA will be a Network of Charging Stations born in response not only to the need to improve Spanish charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, but also, due to its strategic locations, to provide services to people who live in areas at risk of depopulation.


The vision for this project is to be able to develop, install and start up "The first Network of Charging Stations in Spain located on large highways corridors but in the vicinity of areas at risk of depopulation".


From every station serve to passers-by and local population, offering charging services for electric and commercial vehicles of different types, communication and digital connectivity, and providing support to the economic activities of these places.


This service be offered by specialized and sustainable companies working as a team, humanizing the concept of service through personalized treatment to the client in an individual and friendly way.


Other characteristic of DUKA stations will be their Differential Design of Quality, Sustainable, Functional, and Attractive .


Fast and semi-fast charging


Taking care of one of the crucial aspects to complete the charger infrastructure networks

DUKA will provide services to vehicles through fast and semi-fast charging points, which are necessary to cover long trips.


The client will enjoy a series of services offered through different premises that will seek to receive them with comfort and quality.

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AT the restaurants of the DUKA stations, gastronomy will be allied with the environment, betting on sustainability, local produce and, ultimately, a different offer than the one that passersby are used to on a route to a big city.



Every visitor can enjoy a cuisine with a classic gastronomic taking advantage of every location, regional dishes made with a selection of natural and local products, for who want to contribute.

to the environment.

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Grocery Duka.jpg

DUKA  reserved spaces for producers who can sell fresh and packaged local food, locally manufactured without intermediaries, directly to the public.


This goes beyond the simple fact of buying: they will offer the visitor information about the production and benefits of local products and a different experience in which responsible consumption is promoted.


These small markets for local products will have environmental and social benefits, promoting the local economy and the development of the rural environment.



This space reserved for commercial premises and professional services, of different types and specialties, which will vary according to the area and the needs of each place. Eg Show room / product sales / rental office for electric vehicles. Health and professional services. (Lawyers, Accountants, etc.)


Parcel Cabinet Services

for town residents whom order packages.


In 2020, around 2% of Spaniards did not have a bank branch in their municipality of residence, with the most depopulated areas being the ones that suffer the most from this reality. That is why DUKA will have, in agreement with a bank, personal banking services and / or through ATMs to cover this need in these territorial spaces.




Provided by local Tourism office to promote the visit and stay in nearby towns.


Car and electric bike rental

To facilitate internal transport, between towns, with medium-sized commercial vehicles that facilitate the transport of people and goods. For passers-by who want to leave their car at the charging station and tour the town.



In some places, due to the distances to be traveled or the lack of enough or quality of local accommodation places, small Hotels will be planned taking advantage of the common services of the DUKA Stations.




DUKA Electric Stations, at locations that allow it, and according to the viability of the development plan, will have a solar park that will feed batteries, helping to balance the local energy network and change energy to periods when it is more valuable , allowing to maximize the value of renewable energy resources.


On some occasions, the remaining energy could be offered for use by the nearby towns.

If you want to participate in DUKA Electrolineras

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